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Bigg Boss 16: While Soundarya Sharma takes a shower Shalin mistakenly opens the bathroom door

A lot of twists and turns are being seen in Bigg Boss  16 house where it is difficult to understand who is the enemy and who is the friend. Recently, Shalin Bhanot unintentionally unlocked the bathroom door as Soundarya Sharma was taking a shower in one of the episodes. All of this started when Shiv and Shalin got into a pointless argument about who should take a shower first. Shalin unintentionally left the door open throughout the entire encounter. Shalin opened the door, and Tina Datta, who was already sitting there, responded. Shiv Thakare was giggling as he described the situation to Nimrit Kaur.

In response, Shalin said he didn’t and expressed regret to her. He made it clear that it wasn’t intended at all. Shalin was later informed that he could have avoided saying “sorry” to fellow Shiv Thakare, who was also in the restroom.

He said Soundarya was to blame since she failed to lock the door from the inside. Shiv then made fun of Soundarya for it.

For this week, Tina Datta, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Sumbul, and MC Stan were nominated for the week.

Bigg Boss 16:

Apart from this, Sreejita De’s wild card entry is going to happen in the show, due to which Tina Dutta was seen as completely shocked. Even, Vikas Manak, best known for playing Amar Hooda in Left Right Left alongside Sreejita De, is also going to be a wild card entry in Bigg Boss 16.

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