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Bigg Boss 16: While Nimrit still holds the captaincy, Shiv-Priyanka indulge in a heated argument

Bigg Boss 16 is in its final stage and very few contestants are left inside the show. With the show inching close to finale week, the rivalry between the housemates is getting intense with even more extreme fights. In the latest episode, Bigg Boss declares that Nimrit will continue to be the captain in Ticket-to-Finale week. He also gave tasks to the housemates where they had a chance to snatch the Captaincy from Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. 

Bigg Boss says that Nimrit’s report card is in front of the housemates and housemates will have to remove the ring from it. She will lose her captaincy if fewer than 20 rings are left. While the contestants perform this task, they all get into arguments with each other.  Shiv-Priyanka gets into a heated argument and they finally calm down. 

After their fight ends, Bigg Boss announces that housemates could only remove 3 rings from Nimrit’s report card and therefore she would continue to be the captain.

Priyanka and Shiv debate over the task even after its end, Later, Shalin Bhanot says to Shiv and MC stan that there are some strange occurrences inside the house. Next, Tina Datta is seen making an exit from the house due to medical reasons. A terrible fight is once again witnessed as housemates quarrel for the bread. In the end, Archana is seen reciting a poem to Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. 

What do you think will happen next in Bigg Boss 16? Who all will make it to the grand finale? Tell us in the comments!

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