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Bigg Boss 16: Tina Datta reveals Sreejita De’s residential address on National Television, her fiance reacts

Bigg Boss 16 has sparked yet another controversy within the show; after all, the show is deserving of the title. It seems like Sreejita De and Tina Datta’s enmity would be the centre of attention after the extreme step taken by the actress. And we agree that what Tina has done isn’t right. 

The Daayan actress has revealed the residential address of her Uttaranchal co-star Sreejita De on national television. This Sree’s foreigner fiance, Michael Blohm Pape, didn’t like this and finally reacted to the incident. He was quick to slam the makers, as they didn’t edit that part and let the confidential information be disclosed on national television.

Michael took to his Twitter and shared a post asking the makers why that part wasn’t beeped. He wrote, “Shocked to see addresses of #BiggBoss16 HMs leaked out on National TV. If cursing can be beeped, then why aren’t safety & privacy important enough!? #SreejitaDe won’t be happy with this, bcoz we surely don’t want the whole world to know where we live!! @ColorsTV @EndemolShineIND”

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What actions will the Bigg Boss 16 makers take to rectify their mistake?

You have to admit that the environment of Bigg Boss 16 is turning extreme and ugly. Changing sides, foul plays, constant flips and conspiracies, using slang, and what not? Let us tell you, the makers always make sure to beep the inappropriate part of the episode that is not suited for the viewers. Surprisingly, it did not happen this time.

We fully agree with the fact that this recent incident on the show was not only inappropriate but also a threat to the actress Sreejita De. Vikas and Tina talking about Sreejita’s residential details, which then got leaked on TV, isn’t a thing to appreciate.

What do you think the makers of Big Boss 16 will do to rectify their mistake and safeguard Sreejita? Well, the mess has already occurred, and we hope that it isn’t repeated.

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