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Bigg Boss 16 Ep 30 written update about everything you need to know!

The fifth week of Bigg Boss 16 has passed, and many friends have changed into enemies and many enemies into friends for many inmates. Following this, it was observed that numerous disputes and fights broke out inside the home, with Shalin Bhanot and Priyanka’s food dispute being the most recent. Here is everything that occurred in the most recent Bigg Boss 16 episode.

Gautam Is Warned by Sajid Khan to “Stay Away”

The housemates are constantly criticizing Gautam Vig for forgoing his meal in order to serve as captain. In the most recent episode, Gautam apologizes to Sajid for using up all the rations while serving as captain. Unfortunately, an enraged Sajid rejects Gautam’s appeal. He further requests that he avoid him.

Sajid Khan initiates a hunger strike

Later, Bigg Boss delivers the housemates a limited supply of food. After that, he sent Shalin 12 eggs. While Gautam gives the housemates their share of the ration. Sajid Khan later begins a hunger strike. On the other hand, Soundarya approaches Sajid to get him to eat.

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Shalin and Priyanka fight

Shalin and Priyanka get into a furious disagreement over eggs. Shalin receives eggs from Gautam to meet his protein needs, but Priyanka tells him to keep drinking his protein shake since she doesn’t want him to eat anything else to meet his protein needs. Shalin erupted in rage and told Priyanka to speak politely.

Bigg Boss teaches a lesson to Shalin

Shalin later causes a major uproar in the house over the chicken. He requests that Bigg Boss provide chicken to him. Later, Bigg Boss calls and provides him chicken while also pleading with him to quit acting and dramatizing.

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Bigg Boss assigns a secret task

Later, Bigg Boss summons Nimrit and Sajid to the confessional and assigns them the chore of separating the ration’s dal and rice before rewarding them with pizza. Later, Bigg Boss also calls Abdu, Gori Mc Stan, and Shiv to participate in the secret mission.

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