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Bigg Boss 16: Archana Gautam started the war by writing BEKAR on Nimrit Kaur’s forehead

The Bigg Boss 16 house is once more crowded with fresh candidates. Bigg Boss summons Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik to the confessional at the start of the first show and requests that Sajid serve as Abdu’s interpreter. While Sajid continues to translate everything he says, they both experience some odd situations in the home. As there are already six persons cooking, captain Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia chooses to remove Archana Gautam from the cooking task. All the girls side with Nimrit in a heated confrontation between Archana and Nimrit. After a heated disagreement, Nimrit assigns Archana the cleaning task and relieves her of the cooking and breakfast duties because she won’t accept the new one.

Shalin Bhanot, who plays Aamir Khan, receives the first prank call from Bigg Boss, telling him to jump in the pool. He ultimately performs three pool jumps. Then, after receiving a call from Hrithik Roshan, Gautam Vig is given a duty to demonstrate his body before performing his distinctive moves across the house.

Tina Datta and Abdu receive a prank call from Sonu Nigam asking them to undertake a task where Tina would dance and Abdu will sing on the balcony. When Archana receives the final prank call, Pankaj Tripathi assigns her the responsibility of going to mark the forehead of the person she believes to be useless in the household with bekar. Archana quickly grabs a dark lipstick and makes her way to Nimrit while laughing viciously. She explains to the woman that Bigg Boss has given her the assignment to draw something on her head.

Nimrit won’t allow Archana to touch her without telling her what the assignment is. Nimrit is persuaded by Archana, who then inscribes Bekar on her forehead, breaking Kaur’s heart. she confesses that nobody enjoyed the tea Archana had made, and some of them even flung it during the main debate. Manya and Priyanka concur with Nimrit. When Archana continues to not listen, Nimrit says that she didn’t tell her because she didn’t want to offend her, but now that she has completed the task, she no longer wants to speak with Archana. Rushing to the restroom, Nimrit lets out a crying fit.

Later, when Sreejita De begs Archana for assistance and requests that she clean the kitchen briefly, Archana hands it back to her and declines to do so more than once.

These arguments between Archana Gautam and the housegirls occur.


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