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Bigg Boss 15: The entire house ganged up against Pratik Sehajpal after his fight with Miesha Iyer, Shamita Shetty supported him!

Bigg Boss OTT contestants Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty, and Nishant Bhat made a spectacular entrance into the house, receiving a slew of unique powers. While the show’s ‘Junglewasis’ are not permitted to enjoy the house’s pleasures, BB OTT competitors have been given all of the comforts as well as some authority. Pratik is frequently seen making sure that none of the participants use any of the house’s comforts. Miesha wanted to change and wear trousers under her short dress on yesterday’s programme. She needed to use the restroom, but Pratik refused.

Then there was a lot of drama! Miesha then went to a corner of the luggage area to change. She was also seen having an altercation with Pratik while changing. She asked Pratik not to come where she was changing, but Pratik didn’t notice and went into the area in the heat of the moment. Miesha lost her calm and subsequently cried as Pratik proceeded to mock and poke her.


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Other housemates quickly reacted to the ugly brawl by objecting to Pratik’s unacceptable behaviour. While Vidhi stood by Miesha, Karan Kundrra, Jay Bhanshali, and a few other lads questioned Pratik’s decision to go to the luggage area while Miesha was changing. For this, it appeared as if the entire house had banded together against him.

Shamita Shetty later intervened and came out in support of Pratik Sehajpal, questioning why the entire house is ganging up on him. She also claimed that his motives were not bad because he went there in the heat of the moment. Later, Karan and Jay came out in favour of Pratik, asking him and Miesha to address their differences. Miesha and Pratik apologised to each other after that.

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