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Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi is irritated when Neha Bhasin tells Karan Kundrra not to follow her around like a “puppy”

In a recent episode of Bigg Boss 15, Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi are seen conversing. She informs him that Neha Bhasin had been wanting to tell her something about him since she first entered the house. “Main aisa kya kar diya yaar?” Karan inquires. He tells Tejasswi that he had mentioned Nishant Bhat, but that he had only told him about it. Tejasswi assures Karan Kundrra that she will not trust Neha Bhasin’s claims and that their relationship will be ruined.

Later, Karan Kundrra approaches Neha Bhasin in the kitchen and inquires about the story she wants to tell about him. He cautioned her and added, “Be careful.” He also said, “I haven’t made any fake relationships over here.”

Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash have sat away from the fight between Umar Riaz and Shamita Shetty and were giggling. Neha explains that they start a conflict between people, then retreat to a corner and laugh. This is what they always do and have done, according to Neha. Neha Bhasin approaches Karan Kundrra and requests that he refrain from laughing. She refers to him as a “fattu,” implying that he is arrogant, and she requests him to remove the mask from his face. Neha invites him to take the stage and perform. Karan continued to smile as she spoke with him.

Neha urged him not to trail her like a “dog” and to avoid being a “fattu” (coward). Tejasswi Prakash was taken aback by the news, while Karan and Nishant laughed heartily at Neha for not reacting to her comments.

Tejasswi cautioned Karan not to approach Neha at the dining table later. She stated that she would not allow Neha to be happy if she continued to abuse him. Tejasswi cautions Karan about making the first move with Neha. Karan taunts her by asking her what she would do if she assumed he had already gone to speak with Neha. Tejasswi responds by threatening to slap him.

Karan taunts her further more by asking what she would do if she slapped him. Vishal Kotian, who is also seated there, requests that they leave him alone to eat and not begin their affair here.

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