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Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant breaks into tears as she tells the truth about her father & it’s heartbreaking!

Bigg Boss 15 seems to be getting more and more interesting as it gets closer to the finale, and all the viewers are saying that the drama and entertainment of this season are top-notch. In the latest episode, we saw that the contestant of the house were given a task where they had to anonymously reveal secrets about themselves and guess the rest of the house as to whose secret it is. During this task, Rakhi Sawant shared a shocking secret about her father.
Karan picked up the paper chit and said, “mere pitaji ki do shaadiyaan hooyi hain, ek meri maa se, aur se meri sauteli maa se.” Karan guessed it’s Rakhi’s secret.
Karan guessed that it’s her secret. Rakhi breaks down and says that her father revealed this to her when he was in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. she also revealed that her mother had asked her to never share this with anyone. After that, she apologizes to her mother, while the other housemates come and console her. Meanwhile, Umar Riaz, Rashmi Desai, Nishant Bhatt, and Abhijeet Bichukale come to the kitchen and try to control their laughter.
Rashmi tells Nishant that, “You have no control or what?”, And says that Rakhi’s secret is really sad. She also asks Bigg Boss to forgive them, “We know this is sad, please forgive us,” she said.
Rakhi Sawant had hit a wild card entry with her husband Ritesh. Ritesh was eliminated from the show a few weeks ago. Riteish revealed how he met Rakhi, and also shared a cute moment. He said during an interview that he has not married Rakhi legally yet. He said that he has applied for divorce from his first wife, but his wife has not yet given the signature.

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