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Bigg Boss 15 fame Umar Riaz in legal trouble; accused of fraud & being a bully!

Umar Riaz, Asim Riaz’s brother, entered the house as a participant on Bigg Boss 15. The entrant, a doctor by profession, has a lot of celebrities in the entertainment industry. Faizan Ansari, on the other hand, has filed a police report against the participant, describing him as a bully.

Celebrities who enter the BB15 house are well-known for sourcing their outfits. They’re only supposed to provide proper credit to the designers and promote them on their social media platforms. Umar is said to have gotten his outfits via Faizan, who was in touch with a number of designers.

Faizan Ansari has filed a police complaint against Umar Riaz for crediting the clothes he is wearing inside the Bigg Boss 15 house to the wrong brand instead of his own. He even produced a copy of the complaint he filed at the police station during a media interview. Faizan Ansari could be heard saying, “Umar Riaz has done some really illegal things. I had provided him clothes inside the Bigg Boss 15 house via some designers. He has not tagged the 2-3 designers as needed. I have already filed a police complaint and everything is being done legally.”

Umar Riaz also owes Ansari a public apology, according to Ansari. According to multiple accounts, he also called the Bigg Boss 15 participant a liar and a bully.

Meanwhile, Umar Riaz is one of Bigg Boss 15’s most powerful contestants. Inside the house, he’s always been lauded for his performance.

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