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Bigg Boss 15: Abhijit Bichukale tries to win Vishwasuntree’s heart by singing Salman Khan’s song ‘Saathiya’

As a wild card candidate, Abhijit Bichukale entered Bigg Boss 15’s home. Since his arrival, he has made the news for a variety of reasons. “How are you?” Vishwasuntree asks Abhijit in the latest promo released by the BB15 producers. “Very nice,” the actor admits, blushing. He then performs a rendition of ‘Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya’ from Salman Khan’s film Love for Vishwasuntree.

“Number toh le lete unka,” jokes Pratik Sehajpal, who is standing nearby. Rakhi Sawant then walks up to him and pulls on his leg. Rekha has provided her voice to Bigg Boss 15 as Vishwasuntree for those who are unfamiliar.

In the most recent episode, Abhijit and Rakhi talked about why he doesn’t eat much and how he finds going to the bathroom ‘boring.’ “Ek baar hi jaata hoon 24 ghante me,” Abhijit said. Rakhi Sawant, who was taken aback, wondered aloud, “Is that a toilet jaana? Toilet jaana boring lagta hai aapko?” “Haan, khana hi nahi, bhai,” Abhijit said in response. “Baas aata, isliye?” Rakhi inquired. Abhijit agreed.


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Abhijit recently got into a battle with Umar Riaz, in addition to his toilet discussion with Rakhi Sawant. For those who are unfamiliar, Abhijit wanted Umar’s bed, which the latter denied. Umar refused even though Rakhi told him that Abhijit is a VIP member. As a result, the two of them got into a fight.

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