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Bigg Boss 13: Why did Rashmi Desai decide to quit the show

Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan
Rashmi Desai and Arhaan Khan

Salman Khan took family class in the episode of Bigg Boss 13’s latest Weekend. Salman started the episode and said that only Hindustani Bhau packed his bag.

Rashmi Desai is heard telling Bigg Boss that she wants to leave the house and asks them to open the door of the house.

Seeing Rashmi’s condition, Salman decides to go inside the house to convince her and Arhaan.
He sits with them and asks Arhaan to tell him everything in front of Rashmi as he thought that Rashmi would know all about Arhaan’s past life.

He told Arhaan that Arhan made the biggest mistake by not telling Rashmi about his marriage and children. Salman explains to Arhaan and Rashmi that it is okay to be past, it is not right to hide.

Rashmi tells Salman that she did not expect that the boy who had done so much for her in the last one year did not talk about her past life. Salman asks Arhaan and Rashmi to settle their differences and leaves the house.

Arhaan once again apologizes to Rashmi and hugs her. Meanwhile, a clash was seen between Shehnaaz and Aarti. Rashmi asks Arhaan if she has ever hidden anything from him.

Arhaan tries his best to convince her that he did nothing intentionally. Rashmi tells Arhaan that she is feeling cheated and tells Bigg Boss that she wants to leave the show.

After Salman’s explanation in Bigg Boss 13, how much Rashmi and Arhaan’s relationship in the house is known, it will be known only after watching further episodes.

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