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Bigg Boss 13: Vikas Gupta closes Rashmi Desai in washroom

The last few episodes of Bigg Boss 13’s house have been quite interesting due to the funny one-liners of Siddharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra. Both were kept in a secret room and they were given the right to contest the contestants on their own gestures.

During the work, Paras asks Rashmi to spoil the washroom. She uses foam and writes ‘BB’ on the mirror and makes a drawing with shaving foam on the floor, where Shefali Jariwala slips it. She also throws clothes here and there and messes according to the order of Paras.

Asim Riyaz attempts to stop her from doing her job and Shefali Jariwala asks her what she is doing. Paras then tells Vikas Gupta to stop this ruckus, and to complete her work, Vikas locked Rashmi in the washroom.

Paras then asks Asim to pour shaving foam over the growth and then to pour it on himself. Paras asks Asim to apply foam on his entire face and says “I am an Apple Pie”. Shehnaaz is very happy when she does all this and tells Bigg Boss that she is really enjoying it.

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