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Bigg Boss 13: This time there will be a big twist in the nomination, the contestants will have to sacrifice to escape.

Bigg Boss 13

This time in ‘Bigg Boss 13’, the family will have to sacrifice to avoid nomination at home. This was revealed in the new promo of ‘Bigg Boss’. This promo is so clear that due to this process there is bound to be a ruckus in the house. In this promo, ‘Bigg Boss’ has brought a twist in the nomination process. After this twist, there will be tremendous debate among the family members.

In the video, ‘Bigg Boss’ are telling the householders that this time the entire house is nominated for being out of the house. In this process you will get two options. In which one option will contain the item of the house and in the other option you can secure any member of the household. The first option is a green bed in the Gordon Area. In lieu of renunciation of this bed you can nominate one member.

The video shows Aarti Singh and Paras asking to save Mahira. After this, Shehnaaz says that don’t save me, Mahira. After Shehnaaz’s decision, Paras and Mahira are talking in the Gordon area. Mahira angrily says- ‘I am irritated by its sound.’ In response, Paras said- ‘She is showing her personality’.

After this, Shehnaaz is telling the family that “If you do not feel afraid, then why are you saving from being nominated? I will teach you the game.” What will anyone teach me? ‘ After this, Shehnaaz tells Asim that “She will be saved just like that because she is a strong player, isn’t she in the top two?” After this, both Shehnaaz and Asim start laughing.

After Mahira, the householders talk about saving Aarti. Shehnaaz says that she will come back. In response, Aarti says, ‘Make me feel like you, I don’t want to get wet from anyone.’ After this Aarti tells Paras that ‘I did not expect Shehnaaz to do this.’ Paras says that ‘I knew she wouldn’t save you, I just wanted to show you.’ The video further shows that Paras and Siddharth are sitting. Siddharth then tells Paras that ‘now his team will be break up’.

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