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Bigg Boss 13: The rift between Shefali Zariwala and Asim


A recent episode of Bigg Boss 13 has seen a rift between Shefali and Asim. Over the past several episodes, Shefali and Asim’s closeness has been seen in the show and he was seen as a trio with Himanshi Khurana in the team.

Recently, Shefali Jariwala was seen telling Hindustani Bhau that after the increasing proximity of Himanshi and Asim, she started getting closer to Asim, so that they came together as a team and Himanshi-Asim as a pair Did not come forward because after getting out of the house, Himanshi was about to get married with her fiance.

She also said that that is why she used to hug or kiss Asim so that no one raised fingers on Asim and Himanshi.

Siddharth, who was watching all this from the secret room with Paras Chhabra, told that she used to cling to Asim even before the angle of love between him and Himanshi started.

Shefali also told how Paras Chhabra had pointed fingers at Asim for hugging and kissing despite his marriage. She said that then she stopped doing it because she did not want to tarnish her name to cover anyone else. Aarti, who was listening to this, says that Asim is a very selfish person.

Shefali tells Bhau that Asim feels that the reason behind Himanshi’s expulsion is Shefali. However, Shefali said that Himanshi had asked him to take care of Asim before he was evicted.

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