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Bigg Boss 13: Siddharth Shukla compares Shefali Bagga with Imam Siddiqui

Shefali Bagga

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13, Siddharth announces that Paras and Mahira are out of captaincy and Team Blue Rashmi and Shefali are out. Vikas explains to his team that they have to unite to win the job of captaincy.

Shefali was very upset with the decision of the family members during the captaincy work. She tries to awaken everyone and disturb their sleep to disturb the family. Householders get annoyed by Shefali’s behavior. Siddharth complained to Captain Gupta and said that Shefali is behaving like Imam Siddiqui.

All the householders fight Shefali Bagga and ask her to stop their antics. Vikas picks up Shefali Bagga, locking her in the bathroom with the help of Arhaan and Siddharth Shukla. Arhaan gets upset with Rashmi’s behavior and says that she does not want to talk to her. Rashmi cries and tells Arhaan that he is not understanding her.

It remains to be seen whether this strategy will work for Shefali Bagga in the house of Bigg Boss 13 or will she be reprimanded by Bigg Boss for this behavior?

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