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Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz got angry by seeing Siddharth, talking to other family members

Bigg Boss 13 contestants Shehnaaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla’s friendship has been witnessing ups and downs for many days. In the latest episode, Shehnaaz and Paras sit in the captain’s room and settle their differences.

During their discussion, Shehnaaz asks Paras to convince Siddharth that when Shehnaaz talks to other people, he should have no problem. He assures her that he will talk to Siddharth about it. Paras later talks to Siddharth and tells him about his conversation with Shehnaaz.

He tells Siddharth that Sana does not like him when he stops her from talking to others. Siddharth gets furious on hearing this and tells Paras that he has never done this. He only tries to protect her. He tells her, he does not like Shehnaaz’s attitude as she treats everyone with goodness after their fight with Asim and others.

Siddharth and Shehnaaz talk and he tells her that from now on he won’t be able to stop her from being wrong. He also says that people can take advantage of it in bulk.

With Shehnaaz, Paras also discussed the problems between Shehnaaz and Mahira. Siddharth, sitting with him, gets bored and goes out. He goes and sits with Mahira, Aarti and Shefali Jariwala.

He plans to harass Shehnaaz and stops him when she is talking to Paras. He tells her, he is bored and cannot sit outside for so long. Siddharth, Paras and Shahnaz laugh openly at his joke.

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