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Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz cries after hearing her false praise from Rashmi and Asim


In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, Bigg Boss entrusted the puppet work to the captaincy contenders. He entrusted the task to Paras and Sid.

According to Paras Chhabra’s instructions, Rashmi had to become a clown and she and Asim had to praise Shehnaaz.

Shehnaaz Gill used to listen to her at first but after some time she became very uncomfortable and started crying after hearing his fake compliment. She cries and tells him to stop praising. Siddharth, who is watching Shehnaaz from the secret room, tells Paras that Shehnaaz is being hurt by her comments.

At first Rashmi, as part of her work, praises Shehnaaz and also forgives her for the subsequent hairline fracture. Later, Asim and Rashmi praised her beauty, smile and singing. Shehnaaz starts crying unconvincingly and appears to be refusing them to lie.

Seeing her cry, Rashmi and Asim try to calm her down. Shehnaaz walks out of the room. Hindustani Bhau embraces Shehnaaz. Seeing Shehnaaz weeping, Vikas asks Mahira the reason for this, Mahira tells Vikas that Rashmi and Asim are coming to her due to the task and are talking sweetly.

During this task, Rashmi also apologized to Mahira for the comments made on her lips. However, Mahira did not react to this.

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