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Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz confesses that she does not like Siddharth talking to Mahira


In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13, Salman Khan appeared to be in a funny mood and appeared to be having fun with the contestants during a balloon bursting task at Bigg Boss house.

She asks Shehnaaz Gill what is it that makes her hurt about Siddharth Shukla. Salman also jokingly says that Paras Chhabra talks with Siddharth against him and Siddharth also listens to him. Siddharth started laughing saying that now he will be in trouble after this.

A caller also asks Siddharth why he does not convince Shehnaaz when se is upset while Shahnaz is always standing with him. Siddharth makes it clear that she has always tried to convince her because she means a lot for him.

On the other hand, during an act where contestants were asked to vote on who is the weakest of Mahira Sharma and Rashmi Desai. Shehnaz describes Mahira as the weakest, which Siddharth does not like.

Shehnaz talks to Siddharth and tells him to always explain and praise him. She also says that if she doesn’t mean anything to him, he can always tell her.

Later, Siddharth goes and talks to Mahira. He explains to him that he should not take Shehnaaz’s actions or words on his heart. On seeing them talking, Shehnaaz gets angry and Aarti Singh comes to talk to him.

Shehnaz tells Aarti that he is a passerby for her and when he talks to her, she is angry with him because Paras Chhabra comes and talks to her, Mahira [lso get angry.

Aarti tries to give her an advice, saying that if she acts like Mahira, there will be no difference between the two. Shenaaz says that she does not care and she is like that.

Now, after the weekend of Bigg Boss 13 weekend, what new furore in the house and which members are nominated for homelessness this week.

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