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Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz asked Rashmi if she loves Siddharth

Sid and Rashmi
Sid and Rashmi

After tomorrow’s nomination process in the house of Bigg Boss 13, now there is going to be a boast for the task of captaincy. In the latest promo of the upcoming episode, Bigg Boss has arranged a special task for the contestants – BB College Work. During this work, different members will sometimes appear as teachers or sometimes as students.

Shehnaaz Gill will appear as Professor of English for students Aseem, Shefali, Mahira, Rashmi, Aarti and Vishal in this work. There remains the teachers like Sid of Dance, Himanshi of Sports and Bhau of Hindi. Meanwhile, during this task, Shehnaaz asks Rashmi if she loves her dance teacher and Rashmi replies “I like him.”

In tomorrow’s promo of Bigg Boss 13, Vishal and Paras are also trying to flirt quite a lot with Shehnaaz. Discussing various topics, Shehnaaz asks Paras to describe a love triagnle. Paras says, “You, me and Siddharth sir. When you are with Siddharth sir, my body catches fire. Shehnaaz asked why? Paras replies, “Because I love you.”

Soon, the atmosphere in the class heats up when Shehnaaz asks the students to describe the negativity and Vishal replies, Asim, Aarti and Shefali come together, they become negative. ”Asim and Shefali leave the class. Due to which there was a lot of tension between Shehnaaz and Asim.

Now it remains to be seen which members of the house will win this task and become the contenders for the next captaincy.

Well, in last night’s episode also, the sizzling chemistry of Siddharth and Rashmi came as a shock to everyone, as the pair have been seen fighting heavily amongst themselves throughout the season.

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