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Bigg Boss 13: Shefali Bagga rages on Siddharth for adding her name with Arhaan

Bigg Boss

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13, Sid was joking with Shefali about Arhaan. Shefali tells Siddharth that his statement on how a boy is needed to take a girl forward in the game is absolutely wrong. She tells him not to associate her name with Arhaan.

Arhaan tells Rashmi about the same and Rashmi also gets angry. Arhaan explained to Rashmi that the conversation was only in jest. Shefali tells Siddharth that he has an affair outside the house. She tells him not to make fun of her because she doesn’t like it.

Vishal talks to Madhurima and says that today he will deliberately start a fight with Siddharth. Vishal tells him that Siddhartha is an ox and always spreads negativity. Shehnaaz tells Vishal that she wants to become the captain and she confesses her love for Paras.

She also tells them that she was hurt when Paras said that he would choose Mahira for the captaincy. Vishal goes and tells Paras that he should give importance to Shehnaaz, even if he doesn’t want to make her captain, he should just support her to please Shehnaaz.

Asim shook hands with Vishal and explained to Paras that Shahnaz cares for him, loves him. Paras says that he is in love with Mahira. Vishal asks Paras to leave Shehnaaz if he loves Mahira.

Now it is to be seen which member of the house becomes the new captain of the house in Bigg Boss 13 this week by winning the Captaincy Task.

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