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Bigg Boss 13: Shefali advises Paras to breakup with Akanksha

In the episode of Bigg Boss 13, Paras was sitting quietly in the garden area and this upset Mahira and Shefali.

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Mahira asks him to share whatever he is thinking. Paras does not want to talk at first and tells that he is thinking right now.

Finally, he said, “Whatever has been discussed was out of the box. If you are my girlfriend and you are taking care of everything then how it came out in the open that you are doing so much for me. Something has gone wrong outside and that is why this topic has come up. This is nonsense. “

Mahira says that things should be cleaned before entering such a big disputed show and if not, it should have been cleaned inside itself. Shefali states that there was always clarity in Paras’s mind.

Paras says that he wanted to end it but was forced. He tried several times but could not. He wanted to come in from Free Mind, but could not. His mother advised him not to hurt anyone and said that he would take care of things.

He tells how his girlfriend forcibly got his name tattooed on his birthday and she wanted him to make her feel special. Paras revealed that he was being dragged into this relationship and the breakup did not happen because he was having some gilt feeling somewhere.

Shefali explains that there is no point in staying in this toxic relationship because it is not good for either of them. She asks to finish it after Paras returns from Bigg Boss 13’s house.

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