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Bigg Boss 13: Salman reveals about Shahrukh, King Khan did such a big theft?

Shahrukh Khan and Salman khan

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are now friends of each other. Both of them only talk good things about each other, but it is also known that there has been a rift in their relationship for a long time. That is why even today when these two speak something about each other, the ears of the people stand up. Now Salman Khan has told a big thing about Shahrukh while hosting Bigg Boss.

Here, let us say that after being separated from each other for years, both of them were re-unionized on the sets of Bigg Boss, when Karan-Arjun’s pair agreed to work back together. But during the weekend of Bigg Boss 13, Salman made a shocking disclosure.

Shahrukh Khan has a very famous dialogue in the film ‘Darr’, K, K, K, K … Kiran. But Salman Khan says that this is the story of his real life. In fact, Kajol and Ajay Devgan reached the sets of Bigg Boss for the promotion of their film ‘Tanhaji’ in Bigg Boss 13.

During the task on the set of Bigg Boss, Salman’s truth-telling test was taken. Then Kajol asked if he ever fell in love with any of his teachers, Salman told the whole story. Salman said that he used to love his English teacher. Her name was Kiran. On this, Kajol sat asking if he also used to do K, K, K … Kiran, then Salman started saying that it was he who originated it.

Salman says that he could not speak properly in front of his teacher, then he used to speak K, K, K, K …. Kiran. Salman had told this to Shahrukh. Shah Rukh took it from there and did not even give credit. After this everyone started laughing. Although Salman also jokes like this many times, but once again he has thrown the ball in Shahrukh’s court.

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