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Bigg Boss 13: Salman blamed Asim for Himanshi breakup




Himanhsi Khurana

In the house of Bigg Boss 13, since Asim Riaz has come to know that Himanshi Khurana has ended her relationship with Chow, his happiness has not stopped.

Salman Khan blamed Asim for Himanshi’s break-up. Himanshi had earlier said about being in a relationship before entering the house. She also talked about her boyfriend Chow in front of Asim. However, despite knowing all these, Asim could not stop himself and fell in love with her.

Salman says that Himanshi’s boyfriend left her saying that he did not like what he saw on TV. Then Salman tells Asim that now Himanshi is single and she loves him, now he has to take care that there is nothing wrong in the relationship. Asim promises to take care of Himanshi with all his heart.

On Family Week in Bigg Boss 13, Shefali’s husband Parag informed Asim that Himanshi had broken off her engagement.

When his brother Omar entered the house, he also confirmed the pollen. Omar had told him that everything was fine and Himanshi was waiting for him.