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Bigg Boss 13: Salman again disclosed about Arhaan in front of Rashmi, actor started cry

Arhaan Khan and Rashmi Desai
Arhaan Khan and Rashmi Desai

In ‘Bigg Boss’ this time too, Arhaan Khan was the target of everyone. In the past ‘Weekend Ka Waar’ Salman revealed the truthof Arhaan about his marriage and child. This time, Rashmi Desai’s brother and Kamya Punjabi showed Rashmi Desai a mirror of truth. With this, Salman told Rashmi Desai such a thing after which Arhaan wept in front of the family.

Apart from Kamya Punjabi, Rashmi Desai’s brothers came to the house as guests. The arrival of these two was part of a task. Kamya Punjabi told Arhaan Khan a lot as soon as she came on the show. Kamya said- ‘Rashmi’s account was zero at first but after coming to the house, your account has become zero. You may have brought her here from there, but love is not like this. After this Rashmi said – ‘fault happens once again. You do not need any support here. I know you are strong. First she was fighting in the name of Siddharth and now of Arhaan. Play your game now. ‘

Salman said- ‘Who is at your house right now?’ Rashmi said – ‘I live alone.’ Salman said- ‘For the past few days there are four to five people at your house. Your brother also told me and I have also heard that the family of Arhaan are staying at your house. When Salman asked Arhaan, he said- ‘No, there is no one at her house’. After this, Vikas Gupta said- ‘I have heard the same before coming. If Arhaan is anything like that, then tell Rashmi clearly. ‘

Arhaan starts crying in front of Rashmi and Vikas. He says- ‘I made a mistake that I did a street talk at home. People heard what I said and did not hear what you said? Rashmi said- ‘Has something happened that people are saying in this way?’ At the moment, what Rashmi Arhan’s relationship takes is known in the coming episodes.

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