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Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi’s mother said “Everyone knows what Siddharth meant to say ‘such a girl'”

Recently, a news website spoke to Bigg Boss 13 contestant Rashmi Desai’s mother Rasila Ben and got to know her opinion about Rashmi and other family members.

When asked how she likes Rashmi’s game, she said that she is very happy with Rashmi’s game and she also finishes her work and does all the tasks and is going very well.

Regarding the quarrels with Siddharth, she said that Rashmi never started herself when Siddharth said that such a girl, she started a fight.

She said that it is fine that Siddharth’s mother did not make any difference between her boy and girl, but the meaning of such a girl is understood by everyone. She used to stay quiet at home, but they spoiled her mind by calling her a sweet knife.

Rashmi is also very angry in the house and when asked by her mother in this time, she had a response, Rashmi’s voice was not there before, now if someone speaks her more then one day will have to reply, otherwise people will keep on saying, That is why we had to answer sometime.

Regarding the comment of Mahira’s mother, she said that it was very wrong. She said about giving advice to Rashmi. I cannot give any advice. The atmosphere there is different, and I will tell my loved ones to fill it for her. Vote and vote so that the trophy of Bigg Boss 13 is in her hands.

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