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Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi’s friendship with Siddharth is troubling Arhan


Rashmi Desai and Arhan Khan’s relationship became a topic of discussion in the city when Bigg Boss 13 host Salman Khan revealed the secrets of Arhaan’s past on national television.

Arhan had re-entered the house as a wild card contestant, but was soon evicted.

Recently entered the contacts of housewives and Himanshi Khurana entered in support of Asim Riaz. Arhan Khan sent a message for Rashmi Desai through Himanshi.

He tells her that he is very upset with Rashmi. Himanshi also said that Arhaan asked her to talk to Asim Riaz and thanked her for reminding Rashmi that she was supporting the man (Siddharth) who tore Arhaan’s shirt. Himanshi also added: “That man cried in front of me.”

Arhan also told Himanshi that he was not wrong in many things and that Rashmi could explain on national television because ‘I was humiliated in public’.

Arhan also thinks that if Rashmi wanted to be friend Siddharth after I was fired, what did I mean for her to fight with Siddharth Shukla.

Vishal Aditya Singh said that since she is safe this week, therefore, she is playing a different game and Asim agrees.

Rashmi Desai’s family and friends do not approve of her relationship with Arhaan. He hid the truth of his ex-wife and child from Rashmi, which was revealed on the show.

Salman Khan opened up about this after Arhan proposed to marry Rashmi inside the house. There were also reports that Arhan’s family members had made a duplicate key to Rashmi’s house and were living there without her knowledge during her absence.

Now it remains to be seen whether this friendship of Rashmi and Siddharth in the house of Bigg Boss 13 is for sports only or their closeness is really increasing.

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