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Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi Desai said to Arhaan “You made our relationship very complicated”

Arhaan Khan and Rashmi Desai
Arhaan Khan and Rashmi Desai

Rashmi Desai and Arhan Khan have made a lot of headlines once again in the weekend episode of Bigg Boss 13.The show started with Rashmi and Arhaan sitting on a bench together, in which Rashmi was talking about helping to lift her off the road. She talked about her bankruptcy on national television.

Arhaan Khan told Rashmi that he cannot think of anything right now because his mind has become numb. Rashmi told him that her mind is also numb and she is even more tense than him because there are hundreds of things in her mind.

After this Sunil Grover alias Gutthi entered Bigg Boss 13’s house to entertain the family. He assigns a task to the members of the house, in which, he asks Rashmi and Arhaan to perform a romantic dance on the song Hum Tum.

Rashmi was a little hesitant at first but then tried to do a romantic dance with Arhaan. Rashmi kept saying that Arhaan does not know how to dance, he is not a dancer. Arhaan lifted Rashmi into her arms after dancing for a while. Then he made her sit on lap.

Former Bigg Boss 11 contestants Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma also entered the house. Rashmi and Hina share a good bond, and upon meeting each other at home, Hina hugs Rashmi tightly and whispers in her ear that they have already made mistakes in their lives, and suggests that she be the one. Take wise decisions. It was said in the context of Rashmi’s relationship with Arhaan Khan.

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