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Bigg Boss 13: Paras’s mother warns, stay away from Mahira

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Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra, who has been inside the house for more than three months, became very happy after his mother Ruby Chhabra met him. She came inside the house during Family Week.

However, his happiness lasted only a short while as his mother expressed disappointment over her disappointment towards Mahira Sharma.

In the episode, Paras and his mother were seen getting emotional on seeing each other. The Paras ran towards her and hugged her. Paras then introduces his mother to the family one by one, as soon as he is introduced to Mahira, Paras’s mother shows discomfort and asks him to take a stand.

The Paras then take her inside the house and sit there and talk to her. In which she warns Paras to stay away from Mahira as she does not like the closeness between them.

She also asks him to come to the forefront and play the game and when he first came home, compares his energy with this time. She advises him to be more active and refuses to become a godfather for Mahira Sharma as fans are not liking it. She also tells him that he has stopped playing for himself.

Paras tries to justify himself by saying that Mahira’s mother has also shared that Mahira and her proximity are not looking good on camera. But his mother comes in the middle and says that thirty-six will come, thirty-six will go, but your mother will bring yours one. She forbids him to do anything that he regrets after coming out of the house.

While Paras sits inside and talks to his mother, Mahira talks to the family members about Paras’s behavior towards her mother.

Later both of them appeared to be quarreling over these things. Now let us see what changes in the equation of mutual relations of the families after meeting their family members in Bigg Boss 13 house.

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