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Bigg Boss 13: Paras unable to tolerate Vishal and Mahira’s friendship, fight coming house

Paras Chhabra and vishal Aditya Singh
Paras Chhabra and Vishal Aditya Singh

The atmosphere of the house is going to deteriorate again after the laughing joke of the puppet task in ‘Bigg Boss 13′. Paras Chhabra is going to re-enter Bigg Boss house. Paras was present in the secret room separate from the main house of Bigg Boss for the last few days and was watching all the family games from there. But today Paras is again going to the main house. Everyone will remain shocked by coming to Paras’ house. At the same time, he will have a fierce fight with Vishal Aditya Singh.

Colors has shared the video of today’s episode on his Instagram in which Paras is telling some things about every contestant, during this time he refuses to talk to Vishal and asks him to stay away. Paras says to Vishal, ‘You stay away, when you are stabbed in the back, don’t know’. After this Paras and Vishal say ‘Mahi mahi mahi … your attachment is only to the pappis and chappis’. Hearing this, Paras is enraged and the two argue fiercely.

Paras opened Arhaan’s poll after entering the house, Paras says something about Asim, Vishal, Hindustani Bhau. At the same time, opening bout Arhaan Khan, Paras says in front of everyone, “Rashmi’s bank account had become zero, she had come on the road, and the Rashmi who is here today should be due to Arhaan”. Rashmi Desai is shocked after listening to Paras. Actually, a few days ago Arhaan said in front of Shefali Bagga that when she met Rashmi, Rashmi had zero balance in her account when she was on the road. He has worked hard to bring Rashmi to this point.

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