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Bigg Boss 13: Paras took revenge on Rashmi-Shehnaaz after being excluded from the immunity task

With just a few days left for the finale of Bigg Boss 13, contestants will be seen crossing all limits in the immunity task this week to save themselves from being nominated. This would eventually qualify him to be on the list of top few contestants.

The teaser of an episode shows Rashmi being the taskmaster. While she is doing her duty, Shehnaz calls her and tells her to drop Mahira out of the game as her hands are out. Rashmi notices this and tells Mahira the same.

Mahira tries to defend herself but all goes in vain. Next comes the name of Paras Chhabra. He starts complaining in his throat. Rashmi tells Paras that her hands are also out. Both Paras and Mahira are disqualified. Paras asks Bigg Boss to intervene, but BB announces finalizing the handler’s decision.

Shehnaaz told everyone that this was his strategy. Mahira tells Shehnaaz that she should maintain their friendship. Shehnaaz tells her that they have no friendship. Paras gets furious at this and stops the work by throwing all sorts of things inside Shehnaaz’s cover.

Paras also gets angry with Bigg Boss for taking the side of Rashmi and Shehnaaz. Gets upset to go up. He finally tells everyone that ‘if there is no friendship, play hostility’.

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