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Bigg Boss 13: Paras said he wants to leave Akanksha

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In the Week and Ka War episode in Bigg Boss 13’s house, Paras Chhabra said that he wants to breakup with his girlfriend Akanksha Puri.

Salman Khan while addressing Paras’s relationship with Akanksha said that he should stop playing the game with Mahira and now their bond seems more than just friendship. Paras says that all these things are useless and creatives should not play such games.

Salman says that Akanksha is Paras’s biggest supporter and she takes care of everything. From Paras’ clothes to shoes to perfume, Akanksha sends him everything.

He asks Mahira if Paras told her about these things. Mahira says that she knows about his girlfriend and she trusts everything Paras has told her.

Paras talks about their strained relationship and reveals that Akanksha is the only person he knows in Mumbai. He also reveals that he wants to break up this relationship because problems have occurred. But he did not talk about building a relationship at home. He came to know about Aakanksha interview by the creative team which he gave out when he was in hospital for his thumb injury.

Salman revealed that Paras called Mahira his pawn in the game. Paras said that he would leave the game if he would appear in the footage taking Mahira’s name.

Salman looks shocked and annoyed. Paras says that Akanksha is supporting him because she loves him and does not want to leave him.

Now let’s see what changes in the relationship of Paras and Mahira in Bigg Boss 13’s house after all this Hint of Salman.

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