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Bigg Boss 13: Paras grieves Shahnaz’s heart, supports Mahira in captaincy task

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 13, contestants will fight for the task of captaincy. Shehnaaz, one of the top contenders for the task, appeared depressed during the task as Paras did not support him.

In tonight’s episode promo, Shehnaaz talks to Madhurima, saying that she is hurt. She asked Paras who he was supporting for the captaincy. He took the name of Mahira. Shehnaaz says that there is no value of mine in the life of Paras.

Later, Vishal goes to Paras and says to him, “Don’t make win Shehnaaz under the captaincy, but let her support you. You know what Shahnaz feels for you and how much she is feeling about you.” “Asim said here” You know she loves. ” To this Paras’s answer comes, “But I love Mahira.”

Shehnaaz loses her temper, saying that everyone has come here to play Bigg Boss and Paras always gives priority to Mahira. He never supported anyone else. She says, “I hurt”. She shouts and promises to break everything if she doesn’t become the captain.

During the task, Siddharth, Vikas and others tease her and try to make her happy. Now it will be known by watching the episode of Bigg Boss 13 today that who will win this task and become the new captain of the house.

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