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Bigg Boss 13: Mahira- Shefali clashes with Rashmi over food wastage

Bigg boss 13

In yesterday’s episode in Bigg Boss 13’s house, after the nomination process was over, there was a lot of fighting over dinner. Rashmi calls Mahira to cook.

Mahira refuses directly and this makes Rashmi angry. Rashmi tells Mahira that she has to cook because people cannot always eat the leftovers.

Here, Mahira while clarifying that she has cooked lunch and many people have not eaten and left the food. She says that the remaining food is enough for people to eat.

Mahira does not want to waste food and Rashmi remains adamant. She insists on cooking more and says that if there is no food left then it is not her responsibility.

She also reminds the family that when she was given kitchen duty, she was convicted and called a ‘doodle’. Mahira tries to understand Rashmi but she was in no mood to listen to her.

Paras, Aarti and Shefali are also of the opinion that extra food should not be cooked and they are eating properly.

Rashmi asks Mahira and Siddharth why they did not cook as much food as is sufficient for the day. He is not interested in eating the rest of the food.

Siddharth also tries to intervene, but he fails. The fight between the two continues even after nomination. While Paras and Mahira understand that Rashmi is fighting unnecessarily, Rashmi is fighting all to prove herself.

Rashmi also hides a tea leaf to teach Mahira a lesson. By the way, in the house of Bigg Boss 13, there will be a lot of uproar even during the captaincy work, now let’s see who becomes the new captain of the house after this.

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