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Bigg Boss 13: Hindustani Bhau’s wife lodged FIR

Hindustani Bhau with his wife and son

The house of Bigg Boss 13 is very much in discussion these days. This show not only causes uproar inside the house but also fans outside the house, sometimes due to the relatives of the members, this show remains in the discussion. Now once again the wife of the house member Hindustani Bhau lodged a police FIR. And due to this, there is a lot of talk now. This show has now been included in the top 10 list in TRP as well.

Ashwini, wife of Hindustani Bhau Vikas, has reported to the police at Khar police station. On Sunday, Ashwini wrote in a complaint, many people are calling themselves Hindustani Bhau’s brother, sister, aunt and sharing false messages, statements, videos against Bhau on social media but this is all wrong, all of them are none of them Looks like she also said that “My family has only my mother-in-law, my son, my parents and the nephew of Hindustani Bhau.”

She also wrote a letter in which she wrote “The letter is to inform that if an outsider misuses in the name of some kind of relationship, we will not be responsible for it.” “

She also requested the media not to interview the wrong people. She said that “Do not interview fake relatives and do not upload the wrong message and video, this will create controversy”.

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