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Bigg Boss 13: Hindustani Bhau said that Siddharth has spent two years of his life in Reform Home Center

Siddharth Shukla
Siddharth Shukla

In this season of Bigg Boss 13, the house members have crossed all the boundaries of talking about each other’s personal lives.

In this episode too, Rashmi Desai and Hindustani Bhau were seen sitting in the garden area about discussing Siddharth Shukla. Where Bhau says that he does not like Sid at all. Bhau further mentioned that he heard that Siddharth stayed in the rehabilitation center for two years and Rashmi says that he too has heard about it.

Rashmi further said about Siddharth that working with him was quite difficult. Hindustani Bhau says that such an attitude can ruin his career completely. On the other hand, Rashmi Desai says Sid has grown physically but still has a small child.

After this, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that Siddharth Shukla’s health has worsened and he is leaving the house of Bigg Boss 13 and going out for a proper treatment. Surprisingly, Siddharth is sent to a secret room and Later, Paras Chhabra also enters that room. Inside the room, he was seen making fun of everyone by listening to the things happening inside the house from the TV.

On other hand, where a lot of time is going on between Siddharth and Paras, Mahira and Shehnaaz are seen missing a lot. Both of them are seen crying a lot when asked to leave the house for Siddharth’s health. Interestingly, Shehnaaz wore Paras’ night suit and while Mahira said that she was missing Paras’s smile.

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