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Bigg Boss 13: Hina praised this contestant, why did the makers edit the scene

Hina Khan
Actress Hina Khan

Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma arrive on the weekend war of ‘Bigg Boss 13’. Inside the house both gave fun tasks to the contestants. Under this, one by one, everyone had to tell about the three contestants, who are the strongest, the most vulnerable and the one who seems the weakest.

In the promo aired after the weekend episode of Weekend War on Saturday, Paras Chhabra considers Asim as the weakest. Paras in front of Hina Khan says that even though most of the householders consider Asim a dangerous contestant, but they are zero for him. On this, Hina Khan says that Asim’s game is being liked outside and people love him very much. This scene was shown in the promo, but when the episode aired on Sunday, Hina Khan said what she said in support of Asim.

Why did Bigg Boss makers edit this scene and did not show it on TV. Its discussion has started on social media among fans of Asim as to why this scene was cut.

Earlier on Saturday, Bigg Boss Ex Contestant Kamya unjabi reached house and showed the mirror to the current contestants. Kamya told Rashmi, Arhaan and Shefali Jariwala their goodies and shortcomings. After the episode, on social media, users asked Kamya why she did not say anything to Asim.

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