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Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi wants to get out of Bigg Boss house for Asim

Himanshi Khurana

With the increasing drama in the house of Bigg Boss 13 every day, Paras has gone out of the house, he has gone out for his finger surgery. In such a situation, he has been removed from the nomination, and now Rashmi, Himanshi Shefali and Asim are nominated to be out of the house.

Now recently Himanshi has confessed that she wants to get out of the house so that Asim Riaz can concentrate on the game. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13, Himanshi Khurana has made a shocking statement. Asim’s feelings for Himanshi are clearly visible to the audience for the last several episodes.

In the episode, Himanshi and Asim have a conversation, during a break from the captaincy claimant. Himanshi tells Asim that now it is high time and he should focus on sports. She also said that she wants to be homeless from home for his sake.

Asim told her that she had been doing better since entering the house. He also states that he does not want to leave her, Himanshi tells him that she feels, Himanshi’s presence is distracting him from the game and that he should control his emotions.

Asim expressed his feelings for Himanshi several times and had also made a heart-shaped Paratha on the birthday. Himanshi thanked him for his behavior with this sweet and also hugged each other. But, Himanshi then also mentioned that she is in love with her lover Chow. Bigg Boss then also showed a picture of his lover.

Now it remains to be seen who gets evicted from Bigg Boss 13’s house this week and if there is any eviction between Himanshi and Asim, will their relationship end?

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