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Bigg Boss 13: Five days before the finale, one of these three will be homeless, will be fired late at night

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Salman Khan met the family on the last Monday war of ‘Bigg Boss 13’. Salman was supposed to make someone homeless on this day, but he brought a twist in it. Three people are nominated to be homeless from home this week. These three people are Aarti Singh, Mahira Sharma and Shehnaaz Kaur Gill. Salman himself told the family that one of the houses would be homeless late at night.

Salman Khan names Aarti Singh for being homeless from ‘Bigg Boss’ house in ‘Somwar Ka Vaar’. Hearing this, Aarti speaks disappointedly that I love you sir, but Salman told the family that it was a joke. Salman brought a twist in the aviation and said, therefore you are not going. Then you sit down.

Salman said that now two people are left. Shahnaz and Mahira. Salman again said he is going to Mahira, after this he took the name of Shahnaz. However, Salman later said that no one is being homeless yet. It is so sure that one will go out either after an hour or late at night.

On Monday, Salman told Paras Chhabra that you have narrowly survived. After this, Paras says that if this is so, then I want to go out and give my immunity to someone. After this, Salman says that if he had to do this then he would have done it when he gave you this immunity.

Salman also said this because Paras was also nominated. However, Siddhartha managed to get Paras an immunity. This task of getting immunity lasted for two days. The task ended on February 8, after which Paras was protected from this week’s nomination. Now it has to be seen who gets out of the finale just a few days before.

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