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Bigg Boss 13: Devoleena will no longer be a part of the show, Vikas is out of the house

Everyday uproar in Bigg Boss 13’s house is increasing and every day something new appears in the house. Now in the episode, Bigg Boss told that Vikas Gupta had come on the show as a proxy of Devoleena.

Now according to Devoleena’s medical report, she still cannot be a part of the show, so she will not return to the show. Not only this, Bigg Boss also told that Vikas had come to the house since Devoleena’s place, so now her stay at home also expires.

After this announcement of Bigg Boss, the housemates became very emotional and Rashmi became very emotional and started crying. Vikas got emotional and left the family and went to the confession room and talked to Bigg Boss too.

Now let’s see what else is going to happen in Bigg Boss 13’s house this week and which member will become the new captain of the house this week.

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