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Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan cheats Rashmi, Salman Khan gets angry

Salman Khan

In Bigg Boss 13, the ‘Weekend Ka Waar’ is coming once again and now this time too, the host of the show Salman Khan, will react to all the events that happened in the house last week and will take classes for the family.

In the latest teaser, Salman asks contestants whether they are playing or showing their physical strength to each other. He also warns the family that they will be thrown out of the house if this happens again.

After this Salman focused his attention on Arhaan Khan. He reprimands her for talking about the outside world in the house. Salman asks him to share something about his family and warns Rashmi Desai to listen carefully.


Arhaan tells Salman that he has parents, sisters and brothers at home. Salman keeps asking them constantly “and”? Then to Rashmi, who is dating Arhaan, says that he is saying all this because he has known him for a long time.

Let’s talk about Arhaan’s marriage, children etc. Now watching this episode, it will be known if Salman was giving Rashmi a hint that Arhaan is hiding some important facts of his life from Rashmi.

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