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Bigg Boss 13: Ajay Devgan said “Wives are expert in catching lies”

Bigg Boss 13

Ajay Devgn and Kajol appeared in Bigg Boss 13’s house yesterday promoting their film Tanhaji. Kajol did a lay detector test with Ajay and Salman.

On this, Ajay fearlessly gave a test and said that Bibis are the best eye detector and Salman Khan said that is why I have not married yet.

Kajol asks Salman if he has more than five girlfriends. Salman looks confused and says that he had only girlfriends in his life. ”

The trio also played Whisper Challenge and Ajay read a phrase, while Kajol was asked to put headphones on. “Dressing bangles”, Ajay said. But Kajol could not understand what Ajay had said, and she got it wrong.

Salman and Ajay looked quite amused on hearing this. Salman was seen spending light-hearted moments with his film industry friends Kajol and Ajay. Later Salman was seen taking a class of family members and Ajay-Kajol also went inside the house to meet the family members.

By the way, Salman Khan has taken a lot of class at the house on the weekend of Bigg Boss 13. Today, Kangana Ranaut will appear on stage in the show and now it has to be seen which member is homeless today.

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