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Bigg Boss 12 Updates: Dipika Kakar’s husband Shoaib Ibrahim jots an emotional post for his wife

The latest at the Bigg Boss 12 episode is the emotional post of Shoaib Ibrahim the husband of Dipika Kakar who brought out his heart while writing for his wife in the social media message. And as you read the content, you would be personally moved to tears. This came out when the lady was unable to perform the given task that hampered the celebrity team to suffer to some extent thus hitting the actress dearly. Later, we saw Kriti Verma saying something to the actress that led the sobbing thing of Dipika in the house.
However,  Kriti was seen even apologizing to Dipika as she felt that she did something wrong in saying to the lady. Then Dipika came out with the truth that she was crying only due to her poor performance. This is the second time when she had shed tears in the house of Bigg Boss 12. Though one may call this crying thing to be a strategic thing in order to gain sympathy, but that made her husband Shoaib Ibrahim to react and feel more proud about it. In an Instagram post, he was seen talking about how to err and how these mistakes are common and natural, but to accept your folly is nothing but a divine thing.
Shoaib was seen writing that committing mistakes and errors is human, but owing up to it and accepting the same is divine provided it comes with a grace. These can be sorted out by working on it that end up making people a better human. He then said he is Proud of her better half for being what she is and that’s what makes her different. He then said that he is always with her well, it’s so sweet of him as its hard to get such men anymore. Well standing by your wife’s side is a rare thing now but the lady locked inside a house find her hubby Shoaib emerging like a role model husband.
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