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Bigg Boss 10 probable contestant Raj Mahajan embroiled in false charges of dowry harassment and domestic violence

Not much time is left for most watched reality show.. The show is going to start from 16th October. Bollywood dabang Salman Khan will be hosting the show this time as well. Raj Mahajan is a popular tentative name for Season 10 of Bigg Boss. and making headlines as top 5 most controversial would be contestant for Bigg Boss 10. But, there is a turn in the story of Raj Mahajan as he has been recently framed in charge for demand of dowry from his dabang wife. And the amusing fact is that Raj Mahajan’s own home has been taken away by his wife and in-laws and Raj Mahajan himself is living separately away from his family. Now the question is How could it be possible for him to ask dowry when he doesn’t have a residence for himself and no conversation with his wife? Besides dowry, Raj has also been accused of domestic violence, unnatural sex etc. under the sections of 498A, 323, 504, 506, 377 and Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961-3&4 to increase the gravity of false cases. Raj says, “My wife is domineering, but wise and loving too. At this time, she is being driven by her brothers, mother and father with a will of revenge to destroy my career. I am hopeful that she will realise the difference between wrong & right, well wisher and bad wisher. I am sad that I am victim of such a mental torture. I was sitting hungry at the UP Gate Police Chauki, Ghaziabad for the whole day. I was sitting disturbed and perturbed at the Police Chauki. I criticise such system of law where a decent and reputed person is hooked and defamed easily on the basis of false allegation by any women. Our law system needs correction to avoid such illegal hooks.”  Raj’s 85 years old mother & father, married brothers alongwith their wives and and married sisters and their husband who are living away in other states have also been emboiled in the case with false allegations.

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Well, Raj has had a very disputed married life. Raj had been a victim of mental torture by his dabang wife and in-laws. Raj had come to know about the shady and absurd deeds of his in-laws which led to the troubles in the life of Raj Mahajan causing further allegation of theft of gold jewellery from his own residence, dowry harrassment, extra-marital relations etc. To be noted that Raj had received absurd threatening letters from a stranger person in the year 2014, and complaint about the same was lodged in Shakarpur police station. Raj is sure that those threats have been sent by his wife’s brother. On 11th November 2016 on the day of Diwali, his domineering wife roughed-up with Raj Mahajan, abused badly and used derogative terms for Raj Mahajan. Due to the defamation in the society, he felt perturbed and depressed, left home and began living separately. In his absence, his flat was almost grabbed by his in-laws. With an intention to capture the flat and to defame Mahajan, Raj’s wife, and her brother put an allegation of gold jewellery theft and extramarital affair on Raj Mahajan in the police station of Vaishali, Ghaziabad. According to Raj, the gold jewellery has been stolen by his wife’s brother. Raj says that his mother-in-law is also involved in bewitchment and he has proof to it.  Well, after the unsuccessful marriage Raj is now living separately.

Raj had lived a difficult time since his childhood. Raj had to work small jobs like cyber cafe, phone-Booth operator, kachori-samosa Seller, Lottery-Seller, lathe machine operator, hostel manager, video games parlor operator, DTP operator, photo state copier operator, etc. Raj had to leave his study prematurely.

After the imputation of dowry, Raj’s entry looks difficult in the Bigg Boss. Raj says that the case has been intentionally filed by his domineer wife as she doen’t want to see him in Bigg Boss 10 and creating difficulties for musician and TV host Raj Mahajan.

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