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It’s Big B Re-Birth Anniversary, the mega stars thanks his fans

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is perhaps the country’s most honored actor apart from being a legend of B Town. He still commands the role he undertakes in his films despite being 74, he lead the show with great buzz and vigor. Unlike his blockbusters, he has been the part of many films that have been a big hit in B Town. Though he celebrates his birthday on 11th October, he never forgets today’s date the 2nd of August 1982 when this man was badly hurt while giving a short for his film Coolie. He remained in the hospital for long staying away from work with many of his fans praying and doing loads to save him from the grim condition.

Finally he came back and hence he calls this day as the day of his re-birth. It was 35 years before when he has met an accident that has made him away for months. He has taken the picture of Coolie to share to his fans and shared the same over the microblogging site to thank his fans. He wrote T2503 – Aug 2nd 1982, he was about to die but the prayers of his fan kept him alive. He called to be a loan by his fans and that would be difficult for him to repay.

It was on 26th July in the year 1982 when Big B suffered a near fatal injury over the sets of his film called Cooling. During a fight scene, he was seen falling down on the edge of a table, which hurt his back. He was rushed to the Breach Candy Hospital in Bombay wherein he was carried out with two surgeries but he remained critical for a week but soon recovered.

His second surgery was carried out on this day, which saved his life. After the said surgery he stayed unconscious for hours which led the doctors to infer some negative results some even declared him as clinically dead but soon he gained conscious and was back to normal. SInce then it was not looking back for him as he witnesses many lows and ups in his life making him the undisputed king of this industry.

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