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Big B Aishwarya R Bachchan evades taxes in their investment abroad

A law firm based in Panama called Moassack Foncseca was seen with a document carrying the Indians who have invested abroad. The Indian Express group was involved in carrying out the investigating the Panama Papers and soon embarked with a news alleging Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan being involved in investing in the tax haven and invading taxes in it. As per the reports, Big B and his daughter in law own a foreign company in certain haven nations and there the two were seen violating. As per reports, Big B before launching his company called ABCL, he was seen appointing four directors for his four overseas shipping companies. Even Ash was the partner of the said company called British Virgin Islam Company called Amic Partners Ltd, which even include her family members.

Though Big B resigned from his company that was accepted in the year 1997, it is still considered to be a violation by the FERA. Ash too was seen violating as per the FEMA acts as she owns share in Amic Partner Limited in 2004 with her family. But in the year 2005, Ash was seen changing her name for unknown reasons and the company turned out inactive in the year 2008 following the dissolution of the same in the year 2009. One of the key reasons why Big B and his daughter in law was caught in the same is that their names have been in the secret firms in the tax havens and is a violation for RBI norms of foreign investment and is carried out the investment in the most secretive fashion. So, when you find the family members of the same family in tax invasion, so, what do you really think about the same is a big question to answer. Do comment about the same as under:

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