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Bhumi Pednekar says, “Lives are at stake constantly so we will need to act responsibly”, talking about Covid19

Bhumi Pednekar is encouraging folks not to let their defences down after India was hit by a horrific second wave that crippled the country. Despite the decline in COVID-19 cases, Bhumi reminds people that we are still in the midst of the pandemic and that we must all exercise extreme caution in order to avoid another rise in cases.

Actress Bhumi, who is also a part of social media initiative Covid Warrior is on her toes to help people who are affected by the pandemic. She says, “We need to stay super vigilant because the virus hasn’t gone anywhere. Lives are at stake constantly so we will need to act responsibly. Each one of us has the power to contribute and help India to bounce back. Let’s do that for our country.”

“We have to understand that by being careful, we are also aiding the medical fraternity who have worked every single day since March 2020. We have to understand that they too have families. We are putting them and their families at risk too by being casual about coronavirus. By being conscious about our responsibilities, we will be helping the health infrastructure too,” she adds.

Bhumi wants everyone in India to be extra cautious and follow all of the prescribed steps to prevent the virus from spreading. She says, “We are in the middle of the pandemic, and now is not the time to put our guards down. Yes, we all have to work and look after our families despite the pandemic but we can be very mindful about maintaining social distancing, washing our hands, or sanitizing them regularly, and follow all the recommended steps as soon as we reach home after stepping out. We can try and keep the virus at bay. Let’s aim to do that.”

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