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Bhumi Pednekar is learning Kathak from her mother in lockdown


Bhumi Pednekar is one who constantly wants to learn something new and better as an artist. During the lockdown, Bhumi has started learning Kathak from her mother and trained Kathak dancer Sumitra Pednekar.
Bhumi confirmed this saying, Since my mother is a trained Kathak dancer, I have long wanted to learn Kathak! So I and my mother do this for about an hour in the evening. She is enjoying it very much and I love learning it from her!

Versatile actress Bhumi Pednekar also spoke openly about the uncertainties of returning to shooting due to the coronavirus epidemic. She says, it has put a big question mark on when we will return to work and what the conditions will be next. There is a lot of uncertainty right now. Certainly, our dates and schedules have been controlled and we cannot make any plans.

Bhumi admitted that she loved to read like a child and the lockdown brought back her new reading habit. “I was hungry to study, but after entering Bollywood, I did not get a chance to read anything in an interval. But now, I have got a lot of time and I am making full use of the time. I am watching the TED talks and reading a lot about climate change, because that is what I am very enthusiastic about, She said.” She said that this time has been very educational for her. It is said that in every human being, a student should always be alive only then he can move forward and looking at the land, it can be said that the student inside her is constantly doing work. She is doing that only today, she is at this stage.

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