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Beyhadh 2: Tragedy on set, Shivin injured while saving Jennifer

Beyhadh 2

During the shooting of Beyhadh 2, there continued to have an accident with Jennifer Winget and the show’s protagonist Shivin Narang was injured while saving Jennifer from the accident. Shivin and Jennifer had an outdoor shoot for Beyhadh 2 on a construction site.

During the shoot, Shivin saves Jennifer from falling over the building. While they were shooting, Jennifer was wearing a harness and was in an elevator being used by workers at the construction site. The elevator lost control and fell from the top floor. Jennifer’s harness gets stuck in the elevator and she is dragged along by it.

Shivin reaches her and saves her from falling. He himself was injured and suffered an injury to his hand, but he did not stop shooting.

Talking about the incident, Shivin said that “Our first shoot was an outdoor shoot at a construction site and I was very excited. The sequence was where Jennifer was to live in an elevator. While performing such stunt scenes, the production takes full care of the safety of the cast and Jennifer also wore a harness and other safety gear, but unfortunately her harness stuck and she was lifted from the top floor to the elevator. Was about to drag along, when I immediately reached out to help her and caught her. While surviving her, I got hurt in my hand and she too has got some scratches. Both of us were very nervous. “

Well in Beyhadh 2, it will be quite interesting for the audience to see how Maya gets along with MJ’s sons and how they manipulate Rishi and spy on her and her family.

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