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Beyhadh 2 fame Ashish Chaudhary wants to break away from comedy

Beyhadh 2

Beyhadh 2 fame Ashish Chaudhary may be the father of three young children in his real life, but he had no experience of being the father of two such grown children in reel life.

Ashish says that “I was only doing comedy roles in films.” I enjoy comedy, but how long do I just play the role of a man who falls from a chair and makes people laugh? I am inspired by the roles of Kevin Spacey on the international TV show and I feel that the time has come when something different can be done. “

He added “If Sanjeev Kumar, who was of Amitabh Bachchan’s age, can play a senior character in Sholay (1975), then actors should not run away from playing older characters today.” I could not be a part of Total Dhamaal because I was doing Dev on TV. I can’t be a part of a multi-starrer comedy forever, sometimes you need to do roles that have maturity and depth. “

When it comes to television, Beyhadh 2 fame Ashish Chaudhary says that he does not want to run behind the ratings.

He said that “I am looking for a good role and want to play it well.” I am not running after ratings. Television is a difficult medium and if your character becomes memorable on the small screen, you gain more popularity than a film. “

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