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Beware Before You Click Selfi! Pakistani Renowned Singer Komal Rizvi in Trouble

komal rizvi

Before we light up on the floor to make you aware of what exactly happened let me ask you a simple question, how do you feel when you click Selfi irrespective of whether it’s of yours or it’s of your friends. I know the answer would be surely something crazy isn’t? the fact behind this is we all love to click selfies like anything but guess what capturing selfi for a renowned Pakistani singer Komal Rizvi grabbed her into big trouble and that to along with a 90year old social worker Abdul Sattar Adhi. Check this out, how the trouble triggered.

The trouble got triggered when the soulful voice singer shared a selfi on her Facebook page with a well-known social worker Abdul Sattar Adhi, who was hospitalized in critical condition since few days back. With a heat beyond fire Facebook started rolling with her share and turned into a victim of anger and mockery of the people including fans and followers. Though she’s currently been rolling with her charitable work but taking an overstepped towards such offensive issues will ultimately trigger the anger and hatred.

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